Dimos Adamis

Creator – Owner of ‘’Spearfishing Life’’ Company

Creator – Owner of ‘’Spearfishing Life’’ YouTube Channel

Swimming Trainer Graduate of the School of Physical Education and Sport Science of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA)

Freediving Instructor CMAS – E.O.Y.D.A

Spearfishing Instructor S.I Spearfishing Instructors

Professional Lifeguard

Dimos Adamis was born on the 6th of October 1986 in Athens Greece.
By the age of 3 he enters a pool for the first time and by the age of 5 he can already swim.
His love for the water quickly led him to the sea and got into the spearfishing world before the age of 10, amazed by the stories and catches of spearos in the magazines.
He was taught to love and respect the Sea and the Sea became a part of his life!
By the age of 18 he already had 12 seasons of competitive swimming behind him and he gets his first freediving training by Roberto Calich.
Because of his capabilities, he was able to and had the privilege to dive next to great spearos like Roberto Calich and Dimitris Kollias from an early age, collecting knowledge and spearfishing experience.
Filming/video editing also becomes a passion and the “Spearfishing Life” YouTube channel is born!

He earns a degree in Physical Education and Sport Science at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Works as a swimming instructor for 9 years(Panionios GSS, ROI SC, ACS Athens – American Community Schools, Aiantas SC) spending almost all of his free time traveling and spearfishing across Greece, sharpening his spearfishing skills.
At the same time he works as a professional lifeguard at an organized beach during the summers for 10years, having made more than a dozen successful and documented by the Coastguard rescues.
Ηe fulfils his military service and starts a new career at sea, working as a captain on private and charter yachts for almost 10 years. Traveling across the Aegean sea he earns valuable ‘’sea time’’ and while constantly exploring new fishing grounds with different fish populations, he evolves his underwater hunting instinct and masters his spearfishing skills.

His restless spirit makes him the first to upload spearfishing videos using a Polespear in the Mediterranean back in 2014, trying to prove his theory that every fish can be caught even with a polespear… when the right ‘’tools’’(freediving/spearfishing knowledge&experience) are available!

During one of his spearfishing trips, he manages to land a great Dentex and sets his first Spearfishing World Record Dentex dentex(2018).

He spends 10 years mastering his skills in the underwater hunt with a Polespear and meanwhile manages to set 4 new Polespear World Records[ Dicentrarchus labrax(2018), Pomatomus saltatrix(2020), Lichia amia(2021), Epinephelus marginatus(2023)], proving his theory in the best possible way.

In 2022 his son is born and decides that he will be the one, to teach him how to safely freedive and hunt underwater.

In 2024 he gets certified as a Freediving CMAS – E.O.Y.D.A and Spearfishing S.I Instructor.