Freediving Courses with Dimos Adamis

We offer Online Courses, One on One Individual Courses, Small Group Classes, and theory classes online that can be combined with a Freediving trip in Greece with us!

Freediving Instructor and Swimming Trainer Dimos Adamis, will help you learn How To Freedive or grow your freediving skills in order to maximize your potential as a freediver while having fun! Our goal is to provide high quality education and training to anyone who wants to enjoy the underwater world safely and comfortably!

With 30 years of freediving experience, our courses not only get you the best possible freediving education, but they also prevent accidents and save lives by teaching the absolute safest protocols for freediving.
Everyone has the innate ability to freedive! All you need is someone to guide you through the process and teach you everything needed in order to stay safe and keep progressing. If underwater photography, spearfishing or simply exploring the underwater world is your passion, then we can help you grow and expand your skills!

WHY take a Freediving course?

You will profit from the hard earned experience our Freediving Instructor has to offer, you will learn how to be comfortable underwater and freedive efficiently and safely. You will learn how to free dive properly, which includes breathing prior/after the dive, breath holding techniques, how to kick with fins, how to equalize correctly and how to stay safe while having fun underwater at the same time.

You will get high quality education on all freediving techniques, equalization techniques, body/lung stretching, breathing, mental exercises and the full methodology in order to practice freediving in recreational or competitive level! You will learn about the physiology of the dive, the buddy system, the required rescue skills, risk awareness and all the safety procedures.

You will have our instructor continuous support for the duration of the course but also after the end of it. We focus on creating personal relationships with our students and making them feel part of our freediving family.

Enter a new world, a new lifestyle and learn in a true deep manner, what the marine environment is all about and what it has to offer!

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