Personal Coaching

Improve your underwater technique and skills, under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Set your Goal and Dimos will help you achieve it!!! 

Guided Spearfishing Trip - Andros Island

Why Personal Coaching Sessions?

This service is for those divers who don’t necessarily want to or have the time to take a full Freediving or Spearfishing Course but want to enrich their knowledge in specific aspects of the activity or to target and improve their freediving/spearfishing skills!
Our coaching sessions are perfect for freedivers or spearos who want to improve a specific skill or achieve a goal under the supervision of an experienced instructor.
Having the instructor as your safety buddy, you can relax and just focus on your dives while he spots your mistakes and helps you overcome the difficulties you are experiencing.

How Does It Work?

Quick Briefing Before the Dive + Set up of goals -> 2 hour open water session with the instructor -> Post Dive feedback/advice + training exercises

We start with a small informative session in order to understand your personal goals and what you wish to achieve. Having the understanding of your personal goals, we can then design the training program best suited for your needs.

We dive in and we focus on improving a certain required skill or your freediving/spearfishing performance in general.

Post dive feedback and training advice from your instructor, so you can work on maximizing your potential by yourself!


What’s Included

* Informative session + set up of goals
* In water training session tailor made to your needs under the supervision of a qualified instructor
* Feedback + training exercises and advice
* Snacks, water edited pics/videos of water session

The most common requests are:

Relaxation, Duck dive, Breath hold improvement, Equalization techniques,
Body position, Spearfishing techniques, New equipment use, etc.

We can help with all these and so much more!

Participation requirements Documents and conditions of participation:

* Identity Card or Passport
* Τhe participant must be over 16 years old
* Parental consent document in case the interested party is under 18 years old
* Medical certificate issued within the last 12 months
* Freediving level 1 * Certification, if the participant is an experienced free diver, a certificate from an active Freediving instructor that the necessary conditions of knowledge and performance are met. (Can be provided by us after the necessary theoretical and practical evaluation process)