Private Spearfishing Guide

Planning your vacations on a boat or land based at a hotel and need some guidance in choosing the best spearfishing locations for your trip?

No problem!
Don’t waste valuable time and money, trying to figure out new waters by yourself when you have limited vacation time!

Dimos Adamis is a certified Freediving/Spearfishing Instructor and 5x Spearfishing World Record holder, who has been travelling and spearfishing across Greece for the past 30 years!

Private Spearfishing Guide
Private Spearfishing Guide

His wealth of knowledge on spearfishing and spearfishing spots across Greece, together with his teaching expertise, yachting experience and filleting/cooking skills… makes him the man you want onboard for your adventure!
He can join you on your trip, not only take you on the best locations and hidden gems but to also put you directly on the targeted fish spots, increasing your chances of a catch and saving you from wasting time and money on locations of low interest.
His role will be that of the guide, instructor, safety diver, chef and even camera guy during the day/length of your trip.
A decade of experience as a yacht captain has given him a great insight on life onboard and how to ensure everyone is safe and having a great time!

Let us know what your plans are and we can guarantee to take them a step further!

Why Hire a Spearfishing Guide?

1. You will Learn the Proper Techniques
One of the most incredible things about fishing is that it is a lifetime hobby, meaning that there is always something new to learn and grow from. When you hire a spearfishing guide, you can learn the basics and get over the learning curve quicker.
Dimos will share his wealth of knowledge and experience with you, so that you can be safe and relaxed in the water while having great fun!

2. You will get Comfortable in New Waters
If you have never dived/fished in the waters of Greece before, it is certainly beneficial to hire a spearfishing guide to navigate new aquatic terrain.
Having a certified freediving/spearfishing instructor by your side at all times, you will be safe, relaxed and able to focus on your dives.

3. You will Increase your Chances of a Good Catch
The seas of Greece are considered some of the most beautiful worldwide but sadly they have been greatly overfished over the years.
When you hire a professional guide, you greatly increase your possibilities of catching an epic fish or more and better fish than you likely would otherwise.
Being in the water all day while catching nothing can be frustrating, especially for novice spearos and kids.
Catching great fish on the other hand, will motivate you to keep up the hobby and enjoy every minute of the experience!

4. You will Save Time and Money
A big reason to why you should hire a spearfishing guide is to save time and money.
Being on vacation means that the available time you have is limited and you need to make the most of it!
Planning a whole trip/dive at a location of low interest, is a bad scenario and a situation that can be avoided by having an experienced spearfishing guide. 

5. You will Enhance your Travel Experience
Besides having the best guidance underwater, a local guide can also help you with practical matters such as transportation, accommodation and give you insider tips on where to eat, shop and have fun.
Even after the end of the trip, he can guide you on the best spots to visit and things to do yourself.

Hire him to join you for the day/days of your trip and you will be doing some of the best freediving and spearfishing you have ever done while learning from the best!
Amazing locations, knowledge, fun and great fishing can be combined!

Ready to dive?

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Private Spearfishing Guide