Meandros Sting Open Complete Camo


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Meandros Sting Open Complete Camo

• Tube material: Aeronautical aluminum alloy.
• Tube dimensions: 26.0mm ID & 28.0mm OD.
• Tube cut shape: Round with supporting extensions / multi sided.
• Wall thickness: 1.0mm – 1.45mm.
• Buoyancy: +3.73gr / cm.
• Ballasting ability: Yes.
• Rail type/height: V type embedded / 16mm from center of pipe.
• Pipe protection: Anodized.
• Color: black camo.
• Handle: Leader pacific version.
• Handle profile: Extremely low.
• Mechanism: Inverted ,innovative design ,pin roller system, inox casete with synthetically parts.
• Line releasse: Ambidextrous horizontal.
• Handle adjustment in the pipe: Male.
• Sealing: O-ring 18×4.0.
• Grip: Right, anatomically shaped, non-slip, antiallergic, detachable.
• Safety: Recessed in the trigger guard.
• Loading pad: Anatomical with excellent line of sight.
• Muzzle: B 32 / id 26.
• Muzzle type: Open type with 2 holes.
• Rubbers: 18.0mm/ 1 tied / circular rubber.
• Wishbone: Tied / wishbone cord.
• Shaft: Heat treated (GOLD) 6.25mm / mini shark fin / single barb.

Recommended setup

Length tube
Shaft type

Shaft dimensions

Rubber type

Rubber dimensions

60 cm shark fin / single barb 100 cm x 6,25mm Tied / circular – enerrgy red 18mm x 55cm
75 cm shark fin / single barb 115 cm x 6,25mm Tied / circular – enerrgy red 18mm x 60cm
85 cm shark fin / single barb 125 cm x 6,25mm Tied / circular – enerrgy red 18mm x 70cm
95 cm shark fin / single barb 135 cm x 6,25mm Tied / circular – enerrgy red 18mm x 80cm
The STING is a quality & economic version speargun of the company’s speargun line.

It has been designed for both beginners and evolving underwater spearos. It is also suggested for the experienced and highly demanding spearos that hunts in coastline, caves and reefs. Particular attention has been paid to all parameters that make up a manufactural quality product that is easy-to-use and offers unprecedented ballistic performance levels. Overcome the problems and weaknesses, such as recoil, deformations, buoyancy and offers long-lasting reliability and excellent operation of all its mechanical parts, etc.

It consists of the international top advanced & ergonomic LEADER handle (pacific version) , with a particularly low profile with a non-slip, anatomic grip, new loading heel with exceled view shooting image.

Inverted trigger mechanism pin roller system with inox casete & synthetically parts with minimal weight and high sensitivity. The triggered extends the loading length by +9.5 cm it has an ambidextrous mechanical side line release,

Reduced friction guide, water balance, ambidextrous monofilament guide, multi-purpose bore, etc.

The multi sided tubular barrel is made of aluminum alloy with an integrated, V-shaped, hydroplating guide, which delivers stiffness with a minimum weight of positive buoyancy of +3.73 gr / cm. Anode protection. The thickness of the barrel wall parametrically for greater stiffness is uneven (1.00mm -1.5mm depending on the stress point) overcoming the rest of the circular tubes one might find in the market.

Its base can adopt all the reels that we produce.

It is produced in lengths of 60 , 75 , 85 , 95 cm.

Additional information

Additional information


60, 75, 85, 95

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