Meister F1 30° Deep Ambush (dA)


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Meister F1 30° Deep Ambush (dA) Shark-Skin

Νew design with a more agressive 30 degree blade profile.
The new model of the very succesfull F1 blades, with the upgraded carbon weave and the increased 30 degree blade profile,gives the maximum efficiency with even less effort from the diver.

The Deep Ambush blade is 10% longer than the normal F1 30° and comes with a shark-skin lining, inspired by the skin of a shark.
As the shark moves through the water, there is a separation of flow. The denticles of the skin, create a low-pressure zone, called a leading-edge vortex, as the water moves over them.
These structures that make up shark skin reduce drag, but also make them thrust-enhancing.

White dA logo in the back of the blade, which makes you more visible to your dive buddy.

Availiable in 5 standard Stiffness types and CUSTOM-MADE.

(S: Soft, MS: Medium Soft, M: Medium, MH: Medium Hard, H: Hard).

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 cm

Hard, Medium, Medium Hard, Medium Soft, Soft


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