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Premium bone conduction headphones with LED lights & powerbank.
We love the sounds of nature when out adventuring – but sometimes life is just better with music.
With LED lights, a battery life of up to 10 hours and an additional 20 hours from the external powerbank, the Suunto Wing bone conduction sports headphones are the perfect way to combine both.

Open for what is out there
Open-ear technology allows you to listen to music and at the same time still hear your surroundings. Instead of traditional in-ear headphones, Suunto Wing sits on your jawbone leaving your ear canal open to stay aware of the nature or traffic around you.

For safer adventures
Suunto Wing features red LED lights on both sides of the head, so that in dim conditions whether on the trails or on the roads you are more visible. You can choose between different light modes or turn them on/off with your Suunto app.

Hands-free operation
For the adventures that keep your hands busy, Suunto Wing comes with Head Movement Control. This feature allows you to skip to the next song or answer a phone call simply by shaking or nodding your head instead of pushing a button.

Waterproof, dustproof
From blazing hot to freezing cold, from getting covered in dust & sweat to showering it all off at home – Suunto Wing is made so you can enjoy your adventures in all types of conditions and still listen to your favourite songs.

Recharge on the go
Up to 10 hours of battery life with one charge. For those longer adventures, Suunto Wing comes with portable a powerbank that adds another 20 hours of music playtime. And if you do run out of power, a quick 10-minute recharge gives you 3 hours of audio for your training.

Boost your headphones with Suunto app
Connect Suunto Wing to Suunto app on your phone to get the most out of your headphones. Change your preferred sound mode or switch the LED lights from constantly on to a blinking mode. With Suunto app changing settings is just a tap on the screen away.



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