Spearfishing Courses with Dimos Adamis

We offer Online Courses, One on One Individual Courses, Small Group Classes, and theory classes online that can be combined with a Spearfishing trip in Greece with us!

Spearfishing Instructor and 5x Spearfishing World Record holder Dimos Adamis, will help you learn How To Spearfish from scratch or grow your skills in order to maximize your potential as an underwater hunter by following the unique training method of the S.I (Spearfishing Instructors), the educational system developed by Spearfishing Instructor Trainer Manolis Giankos.

With 30 years of spearfishing experience, our courses not only get you the best possible spearfishing education, but they also prevent accidents and save lives by teaching the absolute safest protocols for underwater hunting.
We provide high quality education on all spearfishing techniques, all the gear and technology used in our activity and the full methodology in order to practice spearfishing in the best possible way worldwide, no matter the location, fish species or conditions!


WHY take a Spearfishing course?

You will profit from the hard earned experience our Spearfishing Instructor has to offer and you will learn how to practice spearfishing efficiently in a safe manner. You will learn how to use every seabed, structure and weather condition to your favor, in order to catch every fish species.

You will get the best possible spearfishing education and safety protocols focused on accident prevention. You will learn about the physiology, the behavior of fish, all the necessary spearfishing techniques, but also how to find new spots and safely organize a successful hunt targeting every fish species!

You will get a better understanding of the marine environment, you will grow your ecological consciousness by practicing the most selective-sustainable fishing method and you will learn How to take best care of your catch!

You will have our instructor continuous support for the duration of the course but also after the end of it. We focus on creating personal relationships with our students and making them feel part of our spearfishing family.

Enter a new world, a new lifestyle and learn in a true deep manner, what the marine environment is all about and what it has to offer!
Spearfishing is the most selective/sustainable fishing method and our community is all about promoting the lifestyle behind every spearo around the world!

Spearfishing is so much more than just shooting fish…
It’s about the anticipation and the planning before the trip.
It’s about the exploratory travel and the human desire to encounter the unknown.
It’s about entering the sea and safely returning home to tell the tale of the catch.
Spearfishing is about sharing your catch with loved ones, friends and family!

Join our Community, Be One of Us!

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